Information for the lessor


*       How we work

*       Appointments and visitations

*       Property management

*       Overview of our service packages

*       Registration form

*       Terms & Conditions


How we work

Our professionalism guarantees a careless and profitable letting out of your property. Your accommodation will be brought to the market actively. This will be done by using our contacts with international companies and embassies, internet, magazines, direct mailings, advertisements and cooperation with other agencies. This ensures a reliable and quick assessment of the possibilities.


As a lessor, you do not have to pay for these services and you are entitled to use other means of letting out you property. Thus, you are not obliged to give us the exclusive rights. Unfortunately, this is not how other agencies and real estate agents work. We think it is principally wrong that you are missing opportunities as a consequence of that exclusivity and that the profitability of your property is affected.


As soon as we have found a candidate for your home who wants to sign the contract, REH will submit to you his personal information for approval. When registering at REH, a tenant always has to submit the following:

*       Copy of a passport or other legitimate ID

*       Recent paycheque and/or a statement by the employer.


After your approval, REH will take care of the contracts, deposit and first payments.


The keys will be handed to the tenant after signing of the contract and only after the following payments have been made:

*       First month rent or remaining part of it;

*       The deposit;

*       REH’s fee for mediation.

Appointments and visitation

Prior to entering your property into our database, we usually make an appointment to view the accommodation.

This will enable us to bring your home to the attention of possible tenants in an optimal way. During the visit, we will make digital photographs (with your permission, naturally). In addition, the visit will enable us to advise you on: 

*       The rental price;

*       Things that are and are not included in the rent;

*       The minimal en maximal period that your home can be let out;

*       The furnishing;

*       General requirements of tenants;

*       All other issues that may be important to you.


As soon as a candidate wants to view your accommodation, REH will contact you for an appointment. REH will accompany the candidate during every visit.

Property management

In addition to mediation in the rent of real estate, REH is also specialised in the management of properties. Our activities include rent collecting and dealing with possible (technical) complaints of your tenants.

REH has special agreements with local maintenance companies that can be called to help quickly in case of an emergency. If REH is made responsible for the maintenance of your property, a special maintenance contract is drawn up. In this contract arrangements are made concerning the duration, characteristics of your property, insurance and the scope of our activities.

Overview of our service packages

Package 1:  Rental package

*       Introduction of your property to our own clients

*       Introduction by means of direct mail campaign (with photographs)

*       Introduction (with pictures) on our own website

*       Attaching ´for rent´ window posters

*       Personal and professional guidance of potential tenants at every visit

*       Contract negotiations with potential tenants (in close discussion with the lessor)

*       The check-in: checking the inventory list with the tenant

*       Drawing up the rental contract (in accordance with Dutch law) and supplying an English translation if required


Fee package 1: this service is offered to the lessor free of charge and without any obligations


Package 2: Complete rental and management package

*       Contact for the tenant in case of technical problems or in case of ‘every day’ problems

*       Financial management: invoicing and collecting of the rent, managing the deposit, transferring the rent the proprietor, payment and verification of maintenance invoices

*       Making the inventory list

*       All services as contained in package 1.


Fee package 2:

*       1st year:        8% per month of the collected rent

*       After 1st year:             6% per month of the collected rent


Other activities: € 60,- per hour.


Please note:

REH is not allowed to mediate in case:

*       The principal is not the proprietor of the accommodation and the lawful owner has not given a written permission.

*       Of sublet: without written permission of the proprietor.